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UK Music Launches Industry Manifesto!

That’s right, you heard it here first… UK Music launches its pre-election manifesto ahead of the UK General Election on May 7th.

Here are the, “five priority areas for the next Parliament and Government to focus on in order to maintain the industry’s £3.8 billion contribution to the nation’s balance sheet (i.e. GDP)” (UK Music Manifesto 2015).

1. Strong copyright framework
2. Access to finance and fiscal incentives
3. Skills pipeline
4. International growth strategy
5. Better regulation based on good evidence

Keywords: strong copyright…incentives…skills…growth…good evidence…

“I like a manifesto, put it to the testo!”


“Embedding Does Not Equal Copyright Infringement”

All this embedding and hyperlinking has been causing me considerable anxiety. Fortunately this EU ruling has helped me sleep a lot more soundly…

(Though this doesn’t necessarily mean embedded content won’t mysteriously disappear in the night)